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To Plan not to Plan: STFU already

To Plan not to Plan: STFU already

I had a plan, I truly had a plan. It was even a plan I was going to stick to. And then, it changed. 

Initialy I had planned to spend the first quarter of this year with my head down and my bank account blooming. I had a set amount in mind and when I hit that amount, forecasted for middle of March, BAM I'm moving to Cornwall. 

Except I didn't bank on stumbling across an amazing Digital Accelerator programme. Sorry, a free amazing Digital Accelerator programme. I didn't bank on getting onto that three week programme which promised to train me up and slap a shiny new diploma in the Creative Industries onto my CV. I didn't bank on taking those carefully accrued savings and moving to Brighton and Hove for a month. 

But I'm sat here typing this in a quiet corner of a cosy cafe, nibbling (ok, it's all gone) vegan flapjack and listening to the chat of the staff and a soundtrack of Elvis. So I guess, the plan changed. 



Here's whats happening...

Chill Out

The week got off to a frosty start. Literally. My AirBnB is the attic conversion of an old town house on one of Hove's busiest streets. Super central, super nice, super what I asked for. Except I hadn't asked for the first cold snap of the year, or a room that just simply would not hold the heat. For the first night I bundled myself in my bed, with every blanket I could find and all my clothes and failed to sleep at all. The next night I repeated this venture but added a snazzy new oversized yellow jumper into the mix and slept a little in between watching my breath emerge in puffy clouds in front of me. Since then I am happy to report that the weather has warmed up and/or my body has acclimatised and I've slept a solid 9 hours each night since. Bliss. 

Back to School

The course is excellent and I am feeling truly blessed to have found it and taken the gamble. It's a three week Digital Accelerator programme run by Creative Process with the aim of plugging those skills gap employers in the creative industries need. Now, I am in the process of simply following what makes me happy and seeing where I end up. Ever since taking the Bucketlist Bombshells course last year I've been plugging away at Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop simply because I loved it. I love making things, digital or physical and learning how to design logos, create brands and paint with a Wacom tablet has kept my creative brain beyond happy. This manifested into a little work and I began to realise that maybe I'm onto something here. And then... then the panic hits. 

You idiot. Your Graphic Design A-level is 10 years out of date. You’re a writer not an artist, you’re a big scribbly mess of unfinished, how the fuck do you think you can be a swish, clean, sharp Graphic Designer. Get back in your cage. 
— Nasty voice in my head

STFU Already

And usually, I listen. I've been suppressing this creative side of myself that gets trigger happy with hex codes and font size for a long time simply because I took the attitude that I was already out of the game, so why play? Yet, the time had finally come. After years of uncertainty, years of self exploration, years of slowly navigating my life via what I wanted to be doing rather than what I 'should' be doing I finally told that voice to shut the fuck up. 

I can be a writer and a designer, a structured ball of chaos who is a much of an advocate for impeccable organisation as I am for spontaneous adventures. I can be certain and unsure all at once. This people is LIFE. Everything is one big contradiction and that randomised predictability is pretty much the central law to everything in the universe. Us included. 

So, at the end of week one I have realised that although self taught, I'm pretty good at this and the only thing holding me back is surprise, surprise. ME. I'm still going to Cornwall in the next couple of months and am 100% trusting that the universe believes in me and will assist in this dream and my ropey bank account too. But now instead of worrying how I'm going to do that, and what I'm going to do once there I'm leaning towards a total shift in career entirely. I mean, if I'm going to shake shit up a bit, I might as well really go for it right?


Take the Chance

Take the Chance

Fear, less

Fear, less