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Living the Good Life at The Good Life Eatery


Let me set the scene. I'd followed my colleague across London one Friday afternoon with the promise of fine, fit food and a team (of two) meeting to boost moral and inspiration. 45 minutes in we'd gotten lost numerous times (Google maps is not our friend), hidden under a tree during a thunder storm (this happens to me more than I care to admit) and gotten fairly drenched wondering around Knightsbridge. By this point I was cold, hungry and generally bringing the area down with my soggy appearance. Colleague may I add, remained impeccable. Tsk.I had been sold a dream from Colleague, a dream which involved nutritious, delicious wholesome food in one of London's top healthy eating locations. Spurred on by the excitement and mild desperation in my Colleagues eyes I was more than happy to try out a location that bestowed such a look of wonder.

We finally found The Good Life Eateryon Sloane Street among the bigger chains and grandeur of London's West End. It appeared to us in a Harry Potter-esque moment, nestled away unless you knew the secret.  A secret that, judging by the fact we nabbed the final remaining seats (bar stools, not my most graceful moment),  many already knew. I was surprised by how small it was. I was drenched to the bone on a Friday afternoon, for this?

Then we looked at the menu and my heartbeat quickened to a pace reserved only for good cheese and Tom Hiddleston. Goodness know what my heart would do with Tom Hiddleston serving me cheese, but that's an experiment I'm willing to perform in the name of science and good blog fodder.

I digress. The menu was bestowed upon us by the gods of good food themselves. I'd left my glasses in the office so asked Colleague to read me the options. After saying yes to everything, we settled on the following:

The Goodness Bowl

Pad Thai Salad With Roasted Cashews

Teriyaki Broccoli


Beetroot Dip with Thyme


Spelt Crackers

Sweet Potato and Quinoa Balls

Coyo Tzatziki

And because that just wasn't vegasmic enough. We had a side of extra spelt crackers and sweet potato and dukkah dip. I had no idea what dukkah was, but I couldn't wait to find out.



In short, this meal (with extra chicken because well, why not?) is my death row choice. I would eat this from dawn till dusk. Colleague and I didn't converse for the majority of the meal, unless it was an approving grunt or moan every now and again, I couldn't pick a favourite item, but I will be returning to inspect the Pad Thai Salad With Roasted Cashews (with my mouth) again in order to work out how I could make my own version. Full to the brim, we of course went on the hunt for dessert. From our pedestal on the periphery of the restaurant, we could only spot a few pots and jars filled with teeny muffins. We decided this was probably for the best and joined the queue.

Suddenly, Colleague screamed. I panicked and jumped. Had she hurt herself? Was she in fact combusting from over-nourishment? Had she finally just let out all the suppressed joy that dukkah and spelt could bring?

No. She'd spotted the cakes. The real cakes. The cakes in the window which ranged from brownies to carrot cake to vegan and gluten free delights that had my pulse back up to Hiddleston tempo.

20 minutes later, with the thunder still rumbling outside. We made our choice.

1 x Mini Chocolate Cake (gluten and dairy free)

1 x  Mini Carrot Cake (gluten and dairy free)

1 x Matcha Almond Mylk to share.


 Note how I actually had to wrestle the chocolate cake out of Colleagues hands to take a picture before it disappeared from the face of the earth once and for all.

The Verdict

Elysium exists and we found it. The vibe was perfect, the food was better and I rode the high of bloody good food in every way for the next 48 hours. Heads up though, this wasn't cheap but you do get what you pay for. The feel good buzz of food that does good, tastes good and makes you feel good is totally worth the extra cost.

The whole experience was a solid 10, the dodgy false start only added to the warm joy that spread through me post gorge. Can you even call it a gorge when the food is just this good?

For this reason, The Good Life Eatery is our definition of a 10. All reviews which follow this will be ranked 1-10 and every meal out I ever have will now be ranked against a "but was it The Good Life?" scale.

Would we go again? Try and stop us. The only concern is that it won't live up to our first experience, thus ruining our bubble of vitamin packed nostalgia. However, that is a risk I am willing to take.

Joyous, colourful food which left us drunk with happiness. 10!


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