Project Focus: Infinite Oceans

Infinite Oceans is the creation of Carla Beharry. Her mission is to teach wellness entrepreneurs the branding and copywriting skills they need to build a profitable business


The Brief

Carla came to TW Digital Design and Marketing with the desire to streamline her branding ideas with dedicated fonts, colour palettes and logos. After an initial consultation and completion of a Creative Design Brief, we could see the ethos Carla wanted her business to carry and the values that made her brand tick...


The Brand

It was super important to Carla that Infinite Oceans was easily identifiable as a Wellness brand, but it was just as important that it also stood out and carried some of her trademark tropical personality. We researched Carla's inspirations, competition and initial ideas to create something that captured her vibrant vibe but also looked professional and stylish. 

We helped Carla identify a core palette of colours and developed a tropical themed brand which combined bold colours and lines with soft curves and fonts to create a health and wellness brand that is recognisable and unique.

The Result

As a branding and copywriting strategist for wellness entrepreneurs, I wanted a design and logo that were both strong and vibrant. The healing world is over-run with esoteric imagery, so it was important to me, for my design elements and colours to support my intentions of standing out from crowds of yogis. I needed an image to smash the stereotypes that all yogis are just floating through the world without the ability to be skilled business role models!
Working with Terri was a dream! I had a very particular vision in mind that would speak to yogis and wellness experts who want to build a profitable business while travelling the world. Terri methodically created a strategy to incorporate my ideas into professional imagery. She worked quickly and systematically to provide me with a creative design brief that contained multiple design options and colour strategy ideas.
We worked together to choose fonts and designs that matched my exact vision. Terri went above and beyond with my (many) requests, and was dedicated to bringing my vision to life!! Most highly recommended!