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Digital Design That Tells a Story

Hey there, welcome to TW Digital Design and Marketing. We create resources (words, images and plans of action) for small independent businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

Who is TW?


Hello! I could try to write this in third person to sound more professional but to be honest, I'd rather sound more like myself. I'm TW and I founded TW Digital Design and Marketing whilst travelling in 2017. It's an idea I've had since quitting my 9-5 back in 2015 as I noticed so many crazy, wonderful online businesses were really missing out on sales and establishing themselves simply because their graphics were a little lacklustre (I have nothing against MS Paint, but there is a better way guys!). I've been privileged to meet some incredible business minds whilst travelling and whilst helping run CoWorking spaces in Portugal and Bali and I was able to see why some companies smashed their online game, whilst others didn't do themselves justice. 

I've been working freelance helping businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups with their marketing strategies and truly believe these are the businesses with the best stories to tell, the guys who can really make a difference and are worth supporting. So I created TW Digital Design and Marketing to give small, creative business owners the chance to tell their stories stylishly with minimal effort and fuss. We're dedicated to getting under the skin of your biz, its values and purpose and into the minds of your audience. The result? A coherent brand, gorgeous websites, emotive copy and graphic assets which tell your story and inspire your clients. 

Ready to step up and create a brand that takes your wonderful business to the next level? Yeah you are!